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Geospatial data analysis can be very useful in discovering new information as part of pesticide exposure assessments, water quality research and chemicals in the environment. With the rapid growth of GIS worldwide, it simply means that new and better information is being generated daily and becoming available to our clients. As part of any project, Waterborne will research the availability of new and updated data sources that enable us to improve the quality of the works conducted.

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How we solve problems

Solutions to environmental problems require information from many sources. We’re skilled at accessing the most current and relevant data sources from public and private sources and bringing them together either as part of a larger project, or as a stand-alone deliverable. We also have the scientific background to compile disparate datasets and turn them into useful information to help solve real world problems.

Our team of scientists and engineers can help you with:

  • Acquisition of data worldwide including agricultural census information, GIS datasets, land use and water quality monitoring data
  • Data development including processing of disparate datasets into standardized relational databases or geodatabases, and the development of metadata
  • Process existing data and turn them into new enhanced data sources for use (e.g. endangered species assessment, groundwater vulnerability assessments, etc.)
  • Data mining to extract new information and knowledge from large datasets such as NWIS, monitoring wells and simulation model results