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Our GIS Specialists use their expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to conduct a wide variety of spatial analysis—ranging from field to continental scale.  Our team also provides basic and advanced cartographic products and maps for use in the field. Not only is our work applicable to pesticide risk assessments, it is also applied in a to personal care products, veterinary medicine and other chemicals in the environment. If our clients require it, we provide a wide variety of services related to endangered species assessments.

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Data Sets

We work with a full spectrum of data sets, including national and local-level land cover (NLCD, CDL, CORINE, CAPRI), soils (SSURGO, ESDB, HWSD), terrain data (SRTM, NED),hydrography (NHD, NHD+), census of agricultural data (e.g. EuroStats, US Census of Agriculture and various South American Countries) and many others.

International Research

The scientists here at Waterborne not only address issues in the US and Europe, but conduct a significant amount of GIS analysis in Australia, Asia (main land China), Canada and South America. In these international projects, we collaborate with local client representatives and research the latest and best available geographic information resources available.

Key GIS services include:

  • Basic GIS analysis
  • Review of GIS tools
  • Ecoregion and soil GIS crosswalks
  • Landscape characterizations (non-target areas)
  • Spray/No spray/Buffer zone analysis
  • Spatial and temporal risk assessment
  • Endangered species proximity analysis
  • Endangered species distribution mapping
  • Pesticide use site assessment
  • Pesticide use analysis and mapping
  • Economic and label impact assessments
  • Watershed modeling
  • GIS Application development
  • GIS web hosting
  • Mobile data collection tools