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ServiceWeb-Based Mapping & Data Delivery


Waterborne’s technical team provides design and programming services to develop custom applications for the web and mobile devices. We develop stand-alone applications as well as applications that serve as the front end to existing models over the internet.

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Our Capabilities

  • Web applications: Along with developing custom web-based applications, we integrate databases, maps, and charting tools to create interactive mapping websites (visit the Map Gallery for examples). These websites are used by our clients for public outreach or for internal company use to share information.
  • Mobile GIS solutions: Waterborne provides a variety of mobile GIS services, including field data collection, ground truthing and application development. Our services include the use of ArcPad® and the mobile field collector applications using ESRI cloud-based platforms and the ESRI mobile data collector application.
  • Real-time data streaming via the web: As part of many of our field studies, we install weather stations with wireless data transmission capabilities. Using our proprietary RDASS subscription service, this information can be streamed directly to your desktop. You can also download historical datasets directly to your computer for use in environmental water quality or crop growth models.