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ServiceBasic Statistics to Advanced Multivariate Analysis


Our strong team of scientists perform basic statistics to advanced multivariate approaches to analyze data and draw statistical inferences. Our basic statistical services, ranging from hypothesis testing, descriptive statistics and correlation analysis, to experimental design, enable our staff to assist our clients in interpreting their data.

In the world of environmental safety, researchers are often faced with multiple variables influencing the outcome of a project. Our experienced scientists and engineers use multivariate statistical analysis to examine the relationships among multiple variables and to develop predictive models.┬áDepending on the type of study and research questions to be answered, we select the most appropriate analysis techniques, from factor analysis and regression to artificial intelligence methods like random forest analysis and self-organizing maps. Applying various statistical techniques, we’ve helped our clients find critical parameters in their systems and to predict the performance of untested systems.

Statistical software such as R and SAS are commonly used to perform statistical analysis. We leverage custom code and automation to apply the best new approaches to find the signal in your real world data. We are able to couple our analyses with our mapping capabilities and other graphical options to communicate results in a clear and powerful way.

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