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Meet our Client Guides

Amelie Schmolke, Ph.D.>

Ecological Modeler, Project Scientist

Amy Ritter>

Principal Water Resources Engineer, Environmental Modeling & Risk Assessment

Chris Holmes>

Principal Geographer, Environmental Risk Assessment; Fellow

Dan Perkins, Ph.D.>

Lead Hydrologist & Manager, Risk Assessment

Dazhi Mao, Ph.D.>

Senior Agricultural Engineer

Dean Desmarteau>

Senior Scientist

Farah Abi-Akar>

Project Scientist

Gerco Hoogeweg, Ph.D.>

Chief Operations Officer, Soil and Water Quality Scientist

Greg Goodwin>

Senior Agricultural Engineer & Manager

Isha Khanijo>

Senior Environmental Engineer

Jacob Mitchell>

Senior Agricultural Engineer & Manager

Jenn Collins>

Project Ecotoxicologist

Josh Amos>

Senior Geospatial Scientist Manager

Jennifer Trask>

Lead Engineer & Manager

Jody Bickel>

Business Development Manager

Les Carver>

Chief Administrative Officer, Hydrogeologist

Linda Johnson>

Senior Soil and Water Scientist

Mark Cafarella>

Lead Ecotoxicologist & Manager

Marty Williams>

Co-Founder; Water Resources Engineer and Fellow

Matt Kern>

Chief Executive Officer, Ecotoxicologist & Risk Assessor

Megan Cox>

Senior Environmental Engineer & Manager

Megan Guevara>

Project Agricultural Scientist

Michele Shaw>

Administrative Manager

Nathan Snyder>

Chief Capabilities Officer, Exposure Modeling & Risk Assessor

Nicholas Green, Ph.D.>

Project Scientist

Nikki Maples-Reynolds>

Project Toxicologist

Raghu Vamshi>

Senior Geospatial Scientist

Scott Dyer, Ph.D.>

Senior Scientific Advisor

Wayne White>

Senior Regulatory Advisor

Zechariah Stone>

Project Computer Engineer